Icon Savings Plan is one of the top innovators in the area of retirement planning and self-employed retirement savings for workers in the rapidly expanding gig economy, according to a recent article on Forbes.com. With the employment landscape rapidly changing as more workers turn to platforms such as Lyft, Airbnb and Uber to make a living, access to traditional employer-sponsored retirement plans is on the decline, and the need for self-employed IRAs and similar products is on the rise.

Laurie Rowley, co-founder and president of Icon Savings Plan, has headed the National Association of Retirement Plan Participants (NARPP) since 2012. The NARPP is an independent non-profit which advocates for individual retirement savings and promotes retirement equality for everyone.

As an entrepreneur and leader in the field of retirement planning, Laurie has participated in conferences, research studies and public conversations about the gig economy. She co-developed Icon Savings Plan to help independent contractors and gig economy workers build retirement savings even as they move between jobs and employers who often do not offer any kind of individual retirement account whatsoever.

Launching in early 2019, Icon Savings Plan is a portable, low-cost retirement plan for the mobile workforce, built on a modern technology platform which is radically less expensive and easier to use than products such as a SEP IRA or individual 401k plan from institutional retirement plan sponsors.

Find out how Icon Savings Plan helps with self employed retirement savings and retirement planning for the gig economy.