NARPP Labs is the award winning communications arm of NARPP. Our focus is on re-designing the interface of financial and savings information in a way that maximizes, enhances, and humanizes the user experience.

We believe that good interface design facilitates engagement and empowers people to make financial decisions that will support their long-term financial stability.

We envision new ways to communicate by incorporating behavioral finance, intuitive design, communications theory, and technology to provide simplified and empowering informational experiences.

We work with plan sponsors, advisors, and providers to transform traditional communications into powerful engagement tools that improve financial decision-making.


Intuitive Sustained Engagement or ISE™ is a behaviorally effective communications and education system that has been tested and proven to improve employee financial decision-making and change behavior.

We work directly with plan sponsors, advisors and providers to implement the behaviorally effective principles of ISE into communications materials.

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ISE can be applied in a variety of trust-dependent financial decisions including:

  • Increasing plan participation

  • Reducing opt-out rates in automatic enrollment

  • Increasing use of auto-escalation programs

  • Increasing deferral rates

  • Minimizing leakage

Minimizing leakage

Developing effective communications strategies requires understanding the needs of the audience. Through our proprietary studies we identify ways to simplify and improve the process of saving for retirement.

We develop and execute the following proprietary studies and research tools:

Participant: FELT Study™

Identifying the key drivers of savings behavior

Plan Sponsor Trust & Confidence Study™

A profile of plan sponsors needs and key drivers of loyalty

Defection Predictor Index™ (DPI)

A loyalty assessment tool with over 90% effectiveness in predicting plan sponsors loyalty

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