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$1 Yearly Max

This illustration is a hypothetical example, based upon an assumption of a $5,000 contribution per year in monthly increments with an average annual 6% rate of return, compounded monthly. The illustration demonstrates the principle of time and compounding. It is not intended to predict or project the investment results of any specific investment. Investment returns are not guaranteed and will vary depending on investments and market experience. If fees, taxes, and expenses were reflected, the hypothetical returns would be less.

Save and invest all in one place.

We used a rigorous evaluation process to select high-quality, low-cost investment options for you. With Icon, you can invest in the companies you love through stocks and ETFs.

State Street Global Advisors is one of the largest, most trusted asset managers in the world.

Dimensional Fund Advisors applies academic research to practical investing and was founded by a Nobel laureate.

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Fees make a big impact on your retirement savings. The lower the fees, the bigger your savings.

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We think retirement savings should be about you and making your life better. Find out how Icon can help you save more money—easier, faster, and smarter.

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