Icon. The retirement savings plan built for the modern workforce.

Radically less expensive

Employers pay a small one-time setup fee and no on-going administration costs.

Icon does all the work

Takes minutes to set up, no plan design required, and no federal filing requirements.

Investor focused

Portfolios are comprised of low cost ETFs and are tailored to the individual.

Say goodbye to the pain of a 401k.
Say hello to Icon.

Icon removes the complexity, administrative burden, and cost from employers and delivers a low cost, easy to use, personal retirement plan for employees. It works like a 401k plan, but with some big advantages.

Average 401k Icon Logo
Pre-tax payroll contributions
Pre-tax payroll contributions
Expensive to set up and maintain
No plan administration costs for employer
Costly matching contributions
No matching contributions
Annual federal filings and reporting
No federal filing requirements
High average investment fees
Low-cost portfolios
Complicated, limiting qualifications
Everybody qualifies, W-2 and 1099
Fiduciary responsibility
No employer fiduciary responsibility
High plan administration fees
Low flat monthly fee
Requires costly, complicated rollovers
Portable from job to job, no rollovers

Finally, a portable retirement savings plan.

Most retirement plans are based on the old idea that people stay at one employer most of their career. Today, the workforce is mobile, people change jobs more frequently, and employers are demanding new ways to help their people save for their futures.

Icon is built on the simple idea of lifelong portability: it’s the only plan that travels with you from job to job. No more expensive rollovers, no more abandoned accounts, and no more lapses in coverage.

Your career: Job 1

Congratulations! You start your first job and begin saving with Icon. After 5 years, you move on and take the $30,000 you've saved.1

Your career: Job 2

You start freelancing and continue to save in your Icon retirement account. After another ten years of working, you’ve saved $90,000.1

Your career: Job 3

You join a new company. Your employer puts your contributions in your Icon account. After twelve more years, you’ve saved $162,000.1

Going Forward

No matter where you go, or how you work,
Icon stays with you.1

Getting started is easy.

Set up account

It takes about 15 minutes to set up your account and we’re here to help.

Sync your payroll

Contributions automatically process through payroll.

Onboard employees

We take care of onboarding. Participation is voluntary.

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