Icon. The first retirement plan that runs itself.

The advantages are clear.

Icon is a proprietary platform that requires no plan design and no fund selection; it’s ready-to-use. It enables companies of all sizes to offer a plan to their entire workforce.

  • No plan cost for employers

    Employers pay no plan administration fees. Employees pay a flat monthly fee of $4.1

  • We do all the work

    Employee onboarding, recordkeeping, reporting, and investment selection.

  • Surprisingly easy to set up

    It takes employers about 15 minutes and employees about 5 minutes.

Compare for yourself.

Icon doesn’t charge employers any ongoing administrative fees. See how much your business can save with Icon, compared to the fees you’d pay with the average 401k.

How many employees do you have:
Average 401k Icon Logo
$5,9882/yr $0

Icon sets a new standard in workplace savings.

It works like a 401k with pre-tax payroll contributions, but gives you huge advantages.


Our platform handles all of the recordkeeping and transactions.

Best interest

Icon acts in the best interest of our clients.

Employee onboarding

We provide all onboarding and plan communication materials.


Portfolios are comprised of low cost funds from leading asset managers like BlackRock and Vanguard. Average fund fees are 0.05% to 0.09%

Easy to use

Simply approve contributions with payroll through your Icon dashboard.

No government filing

Icon is not a 401k plan and does not require a 5500 or other federal filings.

Predictable and transparent pricing.

Unlike most retirement plans, Icon does not charge fees based on how much a person saves.

Employers pay:

A small one-time set up fee based on the number of employees. No plan administration costs.

Individuals pay:

A flat monthly fee of $4.00.1

High fees erode savings

Here’s a hypothetical example of how high fees erode savings.

Meet Stacy and Korri. They both saved $6,000 a year for 25 years. Stacy saved in a typical 401k3 and Korri saved with Icon.

401k Average




Total fees paid





Total fees paid

The high fees eroded Stacy’s savings by $97,830 (nearly 10x). She is now forced to work 5 more years to make up the difference.

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