Privacy Policy

We are firm believers in keeping people’s data private. We also believe in transparency and in spelling things out in plain English.

Personal information you provide to us

All of the personal information you share with us will be stored on an encrypted database. Your data will never be sold. Your data will be shared with Icon’s plan administration partners only after you have directed us to share that information to initiate your Icon account, this includes giving us permission to set-up your Icon account with Icon’s plan administrator.


We use cookies on to store information about your visit on your computer. This helps us store helpful information for you and helps avoid asking you for information more than once.  We also store your computer’s IP address when you visit, that information is never tied to you and we delete it at regular intervals.

Contacting you

Any email we send will be in accordance with CANSPAM regulations, you are always able to opt-out from receiving emails at any time.